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Courier envelopes

Our courier envelopes are the perfect  packaging for logistics and spedition companies as well as mail order selling.


They are made of one-layer or multi-layer film resistant to tearing and punching. The print and the envelope specification are adjusted according to customer individual requirements.



  • format - from 150x200mm to 800x700mm
  • material - LDPE, HDPE
  • film colour -white, transparent, white/black, white/ silver, white/ grey
  • film thickness - from 35 to 120µm
  • closure - hot melt permanent with possibility to make double glue lines, for returnable envelopes or resealable glue line + perforation or tear off strip for easy opening – NEW!!!
  • print - up to 8 colours
  • flap – straight or slanting edges
  • weld – side, double
  • blocking - wicket


Security features:

  • hot melt permanent closure


Additionaly envelope can be provided with bottom fold, pouch for packing list (with possibility to seal), bubble film inside. On outside there is a possibility to put barcodes, QR codes, individual numeration and paper labels.