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Compostable Gloves PLA

Made in Poland Compostable Gloves made of PLA film.

Dimensions: 10 X Lfinger width 40 mm; wrist width 140 mm; distance to the longest finger – 290 mm

Material – PLA film 18 μm

Products manufactured by Plast-Farb are made from PLA polylactide – poly (lactic acid), whose source is renewable natural resources (cornmeal). Compostable products are a line of products made from raw materials that comply with the principles of eco-development. They reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the consumption of energy and non-renewable resources. Compostable raw material is a response to the demand for packaging with minimal environmental impact. It is made from natural agricultural products. This ensures its return to the soil in the biodegradation and composting process without releasing pollutants.