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Security seal tape

Security seal tape (tamper evident sealing tape) is a product made of film covered with anti-adhesive silicone layer on one side and glue on the other. Due to that it can be wound on a roll as standard packaging tape.

It is used to seal different kind of packages with valuable and confidential content in a way that every attempt of opening them causes visible and permanent marks. 



  • material – BOPP
  • type of adhesive – hot melt
  • width  – 50 mm
  • length – according to customer requirements (standard 50mb)
  • print colour – optional on customer request (standard red) with a sign in optional colour as well (standard SECURITY SEAL TAPE)


Security features:

  • hidden print – OPENED STOP GEÖFFNET

Security seal tape is an excellent alternative for traditional packaging tape when additional protection against third party interference  is necessary (cardboard boxes, pallets, packages etc.).