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Environmentally friendly technologies – Norway Grants

We are pleased to announce that in 2021 we have started the implementation of a project co-financed by the Norway Grants program. The project called “Increasing the competitiveness of PLAST-FARB through the development and implementation of the innovative SAFE HYBRID technological line” aims to increase the competitiveness of our company by introducing a fundamental change in the process of manufacturing plastic packaging and increasing the production efficiency of the enterprise in the form of developing and implementing innovative on an international scale hybrid technological line. The introduction of the process change and the use of the new machine in production will lead to an increase in the efficiency and energy efficiency of the machinery park, reduction of the annual CO₂ emission and reduction of the amount of waste from the production and operation of PLAST-FARB.

08.06.2021 r.
As part of the project, we will inform about the most important activities, activities and achievements of the project, and we will start implementing a communication plan, the main goal of which is to inform companies within the PLAST-FARB target group about the importance of implementing modern and highly efficient technologies for the production of safe packaging and about the processes and benefits that can be reached thanks to products that reduce the impact on our environment (more details soon).

The project is implemented with co-financing from the Norway Grants. We are committed to the effective use of funding, and we also encourage all stakeholders to cooperate and ask questions via the online form below.

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