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Environmentally friendly technologies – Norway Grants

We are pleased to announce that in 2021 we have started the implementation of a project co-financed by the Norway Grants program. The project called “Increasing the competitiveness of PLAST-FARB through the development and implementation of the innovative SAFE HYBRID technological line” aims to increase the competitiveness of our company by introducing a fundamental change in the process of manufacturing plastic packaging and increasing the production efficiency of the enterprise in the form of developing and implementing innovative on an international scale hybrid technological line. The introduction of the process change and the use of the new machine in production will lead to an increase in the efficiency and energy efficiency of the machinery park, reduction of the annual CO₂ emission and reduction of the amount of waste from the production and operation of PLAST-FARB.

08.06.2021 r.
As part of the project implementation we will report on the most important activities, activities and achievements of the project, and we will also start implementing a communication plan whose main objective is to inform companies within PLAST-FARB’s target group about the importance of implementing modern and highly efficient technologies for the production of safe packaging and about the processes and benefits they can gain from products that reduce the impact on our environment (more details soon).
Signing of an agreement with the Lemo company. The agreement concerns the order to create a machine for the project co-financed by the Norwegian Fund.
Signing of the contract between the parties took place on 16.07.2021.
Discussion of financial matters. Receipt of the first invoice for prepayment. Agreeing financial conditions with Lemo.
Minimum technical requirements for the machine were agreed with Lemo. During the meeting, it was agreed, among other things, how many fusing machines the machine will have, or the initial configuration for introducing safety tapes into the machine.
Remote consultations were held on details related to the technical configuration of the machine.
Received initial report on separate machine components already completed.
A further report has been received along with photos of the components. During remote consultations it was agreed which films and products will be tested during next year’s external tests at Lemo’s premises.

After receiving another report, pictures of more components and detailed consultations about the construction of the machine, the final plan for the construction of the machine was agreed.

First photos of the machine build were sent. During the consultation, a preliminary date for external testing was set, together with the scope of tests to be carried out.

21.01.2022 r.
On 25.01.2022 from 9:00 a.m. we invite you to a webinar organised by NATUREEF Association. The webinar will be held in Polish language.
This is an open webinar which will touch upon the trends in the packaging and recycling industry and how to respond to these trends. You will have the opportunity to get scientific, business and expert perspectives.
Below is the programme of the webinar:
9:00-9:10 How Natureef Association intends to respond to challenges in the packaging industry in 2022 – Jasmina Solecka, Natureef
9:10-9:45 Trends and innovations vs necessary changes in 2022 in the packaging sector? – Prof. Artur Bartkowiak, CBiMO
9:45-10:45 Recycling of packaging – facts, myths and trends – Marta Krawczyk, REKOPOL
10:45-11:00 What actions does Plast-Farb company undertake in response to environmental trends in the packaging industry.

External testing of the machine
The raw material used for testing was: 800kg regranulate, 1200kg LDPE film and 800kg biodegradable film; auxiliary materials, safety tape were used.
The tests were carried out as follows:
1. the machine specification was checked
2. the application that controls the various modules was tested
3. safety systems were tested (safety switches and sensors)
4. mechanical and electrical operation of all welding machine units was checked
5. several product settings have been carried out on Plast-Farb materials supplied to Lemo
6. production speeds were tested for each product from Lemo’s product specification

External tests have ended with a positive evaluation and qualify the transition to the next stage of the project, i.e. delivery of the technological line for internal testing.

Internal tests of the machine
The raw material used for testing was: 200kg regranulate, 300kg LDPE film and 200kg biodegradable film.
The tests were carried out as follows:
1. packaging was performed on all types of film
2. all types of products were made
3. all types of seals available on the machine were tested
4. finished products were made
The internal tests ended with a positive evaluation and qualify the passage to the next stage of the project, i.e. the signing of the acceptance protocol of the technological line.

Acceptance of the technological line

According to the contract dated 16.07.2021 we have received the hybrid technological line for the production of the so-called safe packaging from different plastic materials.Technical and operation documentation was issued, including operating instructions, European declaration and warranty card, electrical diagrams. All auxiliary accessories were checked and issued.

PLAST-FARB Company invites you to the webinar entitled: Implementation of an innovative technological line for the production of safe packaging – the final of the SAFE HYBRID project. The meeting is addressed to everyone interested in the implementation of projects co-financed from the sources of the Norway grants and the implementation of environmentally friendly technologies.

The purpose of the meeting is to disseminate information on the implementation of modern technology and final products resulting from project activities co-financed from the sources of Norwegian Funds. The webinar will take place on 12.05.2022 (Thursday).

Agenda for the meeting:
10:00 – 10:05: Welcome by PLAST-FARB company
10:05 – 10:25: Project implementation – information about the Norway grants, assumptions and planned results
10:25 – 10:55: Implementation of the modern technological line SAFE HYBRID – study case & benefits
10:55 – 11:00: Conclusion

The meeting will be held in English. The registration form for the meeting can be found at: https://bit.ly/3ydJKD9. The number of places is limited.
Please note that registration for the training is not equivalent to qualification. Qualified participants will be informed about it by a separate e-mail.
We kindly invite you.

Project coordinator:
Marek Swiś: m.swis@plast-farb.com

Person responsible for promotion and communication of the project:
Maciej Szczygłowski: m.szczyglowski@plast-farb.com

The project is implemented with co-financing from the Norway Grants. We are committed to the effective use of funding, and we also encourage all stakeholders to cooperate and ask questions via the online form below.

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