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Responsibility for the environment is one of the key activities undertaken at Plast-Farb. The development
of pro-ecological behaviors has been a key element of the strategy shaping the corporate social
responsibility of the Company for many years. For this reason, we implement, modify and change our
daily activities to those that are environmentally friendly.
Ecology is very important to us. By saving natural resources, lowering greenhouse gas emissions, we act
for the common good of our future, our children and the entire planet.
Recently, our activities have had following measurable effects:
1. Photovoltaic panels: the use of photovoltaic panels is primarily an environmental benefit. Photovoltaic
installation works only on the basis of a renewable energy source, i.e. solar radiation. Photovoltaic is a
zero-emission system, which means that no harmful compounds or greenhouse gases are produced as a
result of the installation’s operation. The energy obtained from the light is safe and failure-free for 365
days a year.
2. Catalytic afterburner: has two important functions – purifies the air from volatile organic compounds
and at the same time has the heating function used throughout the Plast-Farb plant.

3. Hybrid cars: our sales people use modern and eco-friendly hybrid cars during their daily work
associated with visiting customers.

4. E-invoices: we encourage our clients to take ecological behavior, giving them the opportunity to use e-
invoices that save money, time, the environment and eliminate the risk of losing a document.

5. EKO products: we offer our clients the possibility to choose products from the broadly understood
group of eco products, ie made of a film originating from vegetable starch and a film made from raw
materials intended for recycling.


Panele słoneczne

Certificate PRS Green label

Our target at PRS is to contribute to environmental improvement by managing a closed system of pallet reuse and using them as much as possible.
We have received the Green Label Certificate due to our excellent pallet recovery rate of over 65%.