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Packaging made of 80% post consumer recycled materials.

These products are addressed to everyone for whom caring for the environment is the overriding and very important goal in everyday life. Thanks to the conscious action of consumers, the waste does not end up in landfills, but is re-used. Simply put, recycled plastic is less wasted than new plastic. This is because the new plastics mainly come from non-renewable fossil fuels, such as oil, which additionally burden the environment. On the other hand, recycled plastics do not require the acquisition of “primary” crude oil and prevent recycled materials from landfilling at the landfill, thereby significantly reducing the burden on the environment.

Production possibilities:

  • Security envelopes / security bags
  • Courier envelopes / courier (mailing) bags
  • Carry bags / bags


  • 80% of the film used for production is sourced from recycled
  • Lower CO2 emissions
  • Individual production capabilities
  • Blue Angel certificate